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dust from the soul
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Graphics tutorials for Photoshop
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“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

~ Pable Picasso


Welcome to Dust from the soul, my little portion of the world wide web. My name is Kayla aka Bijoubebe. Dust from the Soul was conceived to showcase my tutorials and other possible resources. I'm an unabashed Photoshop addict. I'm offering tutorials because I remember when I was a photoshop novice, I was always on the hunt for detailed tutorials with captures. One of my graphics-related pet peeves is tutorials that are too short, assume too much on the part of the visitor and offer few/no captures or merely links to captures.

I hope you find this community helpful. Please read the FAQ thoroughly and respect the rules of this community.


Rules & Info

  1. Respect fellow posters. If someone makes what you deem to be an inappropriate comment, let me know. Don't quarrel; don't use threads to wage war with another poster.

  2. Prejudice is not welcome here. Keep your bigotry to yourself. Racism, sexism, homophobia, heterosexism aren't welcome. Do not bash anyone based on sexual preference, religious or ethnic background, country of origin, political affiliation etc.

  3. Please credit. I don't mind if only a handful of people find the tutorials helpful. But, when you credit me, it helps others find this community and participate and hopefully get something from it. That's the point. Please help me in this endeavor by crediting me if you use my tutorial (s).

  4. Crediting doesn't mean I require this community's name be plastered everywhere. It means that if you post some of your artwork elsewhere and you used one of my tutorials, you should append the name of this community at the end so people know. You should also add me to your credits/resources page.

  5. Absolutely no redistribution. Redistributing means posting or uploading my content anywhere else, sharing it with others beyond supplying a link to this community.

  6. The language of this community is english. It doesn't matter how proficient you are, posts must be in english. I'm not a grammar or spelling nazi.

  7. No ghetto english or computer ebonics beyond an occasional LOL and the like. This includes use of text shortcuts like <3, :-) I'm not a text shortcut gal so I don't even know what most of them mean. English please! Try not to use profanity excessively. I curse a lot at times but it can be a deterrent to membership if the f-bomb is peppered throughout threads so keep it to a bare minimum.
    • True dat [this is like nails on a chalkboard]
    • itz all good [please no z instead of s]

  8. No one word answers even if you're squeeing aka being all fangurly and rejoicing. Even if you want to simply say thank you then type 'thank you' and not ty or TIA. Other than thank you, a sentence at the minimum otherwise it feels like a waste and spamming. Have you ever been inside a thread with 561 comments with half of them containing mostly <3 ? It isn't pretty. I'd rather have 10 posts of substance than 100 without.

  9. General Questions

    1. Who runs this community?

        I, Kayla aka Bijoubebe, do.

    2. I like your layout, may I use it?

        The layout isn't mine, strictly-speaking. It's a layout by mentahelada. I merely modified it. You may not use my modified layout. Check out that community, lots of great layouts there.

    3. Can I apply for affiliation?

        Yes, but please be at least somewhat active before doing so.

    4. How do I credit?

        If you're crediting me on Livejournal, use the code below.

        If you're crediting this community or linking to it on a site other than LJ, use the code below.

        If you need the code for forums, you can use the one below.

    5. Can I post something from this community on my website?

        You can't copy and paste my content or hotlink my graphics to your site/forum you're a member of. But, feel free to post a link to this community.

    6. I think you've used one of my resources but I don't see it listed in the credits area.

        I apologize. I try to credit. However, sometimes, people post resources and I have no idea whence they came. I try to keep all of my PSDs so I should be able to check it out unless it's really, really old.

    7. Someone is redistributing your content, what should I do?

        Please notify me immediately with a link to the offending source. I'd really appreciate it.